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The Schafhof Amorbach – A perfect combination of tradition, idyllic ambience and first-class service. 

The Schafhof Amorbach is situated in the middle of one the oldest and most culture-rich nature reserves in Germany and is thus a unique atmosphere for holidays with particular class. Embedded in the luscious meadows and forestry of the Odenwald and surrounded by herds of sheep and songbirds, in the former cloister you will discover a place for refuge and relaxation, to recover from often stressful day-to-day life. Fresh, naturally pure spring water supplies the on-site well, the fish and wildlife pond in immediate proximity offers space for relaxation and the many adjoining golf courses allow for physical activity for all sports fanatics.

Our idea is merging the traditional and the classic, with authentic nature and a modern and guest‑orientated service. So you are in the position to enjoy the charm of the historical buildings such as our hundred-year-old press house and the soothing stillness of untouched Bavarian forests, without missing out on excellent and internationally renowned cuisine or the exquisite wine selection. As a rare combination of old and new, the Schafhof Amorbach is a jewel in the crown of German gastronomy and an absolute must for connoisseurs.



Benedictine Room


Our Benedictine rooms are located in the former cloister house of 1723 and are furnished in a cosy, rustic style.

Comfort Room


Example of one of our Comfort Rooms.

Junior Suites


Example of one of our Junior Suites.



Example of one of our Suites.

Luxury Suites


In our Luxury Suites, exclusivity and absolute privacy can be guaranteed.


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